About Us

We, WSTS, are a company that organizes FAM Trips, B2B WorkShop Networking Events on exclusive venues and different exhibition grounds around the World.

B2B WorkShop Networking Event of WSTS in Tourism Fairs are “must do” and a progressive trend of our time for promoting.

B2B WorkShop Networking Event is most advantageous way to build new collaborations and promote your company rapidly, taking you to your target, making the most of your time, ending up saving you time &Money.

In order to have a better results of an expo or an event, we at WSTS, are arranging “Hosted Buyer Programs”, gathering Exhibiting companies with foreign Tour Operators from other countries as outlined in www.workshoptravelshop.com

Mr Murtaza Kalender
WorkShop TravelShop founder and CEO

By the help of a system that we have privately programmed the software of, Hosted Buyer Companies and Exhibitors are able to upload their Logo, Video, Brochure, Poster and presentations and interact with other companies within the system, making appointment by the help of a built-in agenda, correspond and request for contact, all the same.

Again, the WSTS system allows you to mutually confirm a B2B meeting during the event, at a place and time agreed upon.

With this smart system, we have a special filtering that would speed up the process, searching the database for companies with criteria of the origin, category, agency that you would be interested in, narrowing down the list to your needs.

Rest assured, you will get the best results for promoting and business development by our B2B WorkShop Networking Events. You may also take our well organized FAM Trips to see the most beautiful destinations of every country. Check out the programs thoroughly at www.workshoptravelshop.com

WorkShop TravelShop Impacts on;
Getting you recognized on international platforms, making your brand name more valuable, having you marketing your product easier, collaborate you with more and more counter parts in a lot more markets, add onto your workforce for less time and funds.

WorkShop TravelShop Gains You;
A network of more than 1000 international Tourism professionals around the World, all contactable through the digital system for B2B, providing communication between the buyers and sellers with a space to post, upload and share brochures, presentation, logo and videos. Also enabling to have business contact with the companies in the country and in the category of your preference. We, also make on-site introduction by the help of FAM Trips that turned out to be very advantageous. We have helped many partners that are registered to be in the system and we continue to be beneficial for them.

There is a need for B2B Workshop Event in the World!
We want to unify all the continents of the World by gathering the tourism firms enabling them to meet & greet, do business together, increasing their workforce by using the Universal power of Tourism and introduce undiscovered destinations of the world that need to be promoted.

All thanks to the technological infrastructure that we have in effect, all global companies will be able to introduce themselves and their products. We are aware of the fact that World Tourism rapidly expands & grows and that more and more people travel around which is why we have built a system for instant advertisement, messaging and digital promotional campaigns.

“Our company founder and CEO Mr. Murtaza Kalender with a vast experience in the sector, trying to unify the continents and connect the professionals of the world with each other through the help of B2B WorkShop Networking, inviting all the companies to join in to one of many events scheduled around the globe.“