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How Your Information Is Used

Since 2004, TravelShop Turkey has been working to develop useful Internet services for Tourism sector that are safe, easy, and respectful of our customers. This web site ("Site") is maintained by TravelShop Turkey (TST) and WorkshopTravelshop (WSTS). Our corporate offices are located at Sirinevler Mah. Adnan Kahveci Bulvari,  Karanfil Is Merkezi, No: 184, Floor: 4 and 5, Bahcelievler - Istanbul  / Turkey. You can also reach us by telephone on +90 (0) 212 529 7708.

Our privacy policy is laid out below but if we have contacted you and you no longer wish to receive information from us then first of all we apologise for the inconvenience.

Customer Definition

WSTS defines its customers as follows

·         Workshop visitors

·         Workshop exhibitors

·         Workshop Hosted Buyers

·         Conference visitors

·         Inquiries

·         Speakers

·         Sponsors

·         Press

·         Other individuals with whom WSTS maintains business relationships or communications

Types of Information Gathered

There are two primary types of information provided by WSTS customers. The definitions and treatments of these types are as follows:

Financial Information - Payment information gathered during the registration process - including but not limited to, credit card numbers, financial institutions, and expiration dates - is considered Financial. This information is not distributed under any circumstance.

Professional Information - Data that customers provide to WSTS through various methods of communications with WSTS is considered professional information that is stored and managed for WSTS’s internal use. Professional information includes, but is not limited to, name, address, company name, company address, phone number, fax number, email address, as well as questions answered on survey or registration forms. Data captured during a customer's visit to an WSTS web site, as well as during a visit with another WSTS customer, is also considered professional information and may also be stored for WSTS’s internal use. Professional information may be shared with other organisations or WSTS customers for the purpose of facilitating business relationships in our customer's best interests, unless you have opted out of such communications.

At Workshops

Anyone attending a session in our seminar theatres at one of our workshops will have their visitor badge scanned and, through such attendance and scanning, will be agreeing to the passing of their professional information to the seminar host/exhibitor company and to being contacted by the seminar host/exhibitor company and/or speaker in relation to such session. Similarly, anyone who agrees to have their visitor badge scanned at an exhibitor company’s stand is agreeing to their professional information being retained and used by that exhibitor company for marketing purposes and to the information being passed to WSTS for data analytics purposes.

Opt Out

WSTS will accept, acknowledge and maintain any customer's request to opt-out of either future communication from WSTS or future communication from any third party to whom WSTS may provide customer information.

WSTS will accept opt-out requests via the contact details below. Please specify in your communication your required opt-out criteria, namely:

•          By relevant sender: WSTS and/or third party

•          By relevant show: e.g. Workshop Travelshop

•          By relevant medium: Mail, Phone, Fax, Email (or All)
Any queries/questions/opt out

If you have any questions or concerns about your customer information or your request to opt-out of communications from WSTS or its third party partners, please contact our Corporate Headquarters via e-mail, by telephone Tel +90 (0) 212 529 7708 or by post to Information Management, Sirinevler Mah. Adnan Kahveci Bulvari,  Karanfil Is Merkezi, No: 184, Floor: 4 and 5, Bahcelievler - Istanbul  / Turkey  and specify your name, company name and e-mail address.


This site utilises a secure server to protect your financial and professional information. Secure server software is used to encrypt the information sent between your Internet browser and our Internet site. This ensures the security of your professional and financial transaction details when using this site. We follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information you have given to us and may, on occasion, request proof of identity before we disclose any professional information to you.


Where a site is password protected it will use Cookies. Cookies are nothing more than a simple text file. They are not executable programs, and consequently it is impossible for a cookie to contain a virus, or any other application. Cookies are also very small, and you run no risk of filling your hard drive with too many cookies.

The WSTS cookie that is placed on your computer as a result of you registering on one of our sites contains only your unique reference number that is allocated by the registration process. This consists of a 4-digit number. There is no information in the Cookie that can identify you. The Cookie is only valid when you access the relevant WSTS site.

We use "session" cookies to collect information about the use of the Site and to allow you to view content. These cookies are temporary and are deleted when you close your browser. We use “persistent” cookies to give you a more responsive browsing experience and help you to navigate the Site more efficiently. We collect and use this anonymous aggregated user date for the purpose of usage analysis, quality control and administering and improving the Site either ourselves or through third party contractors. You can prevent your browser from accepting new cookies or may disable cookies altogether by accessing your browser preferences menu although this is likely affect the functionality and personalisation features offered when you use the Site.

Any Queries/Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about your customer information or your request to opt-out of communications from WSTS or its third party partners or wish to change your customer information, please contact our Corporate Headquarters via email, telephone +90 (0) 212 529 7708.

Email addresses

This site recognises the home servers of visitors, but not their e-mail addresses. Individually identifiable e-mail addresses are not captured or stored unless they are provided. Persons who communicate with WSTS, and supply us with an e-mail address, [are consenting to/may receive] future communications by e-mail. Persons who do not wish to receive e-mail messages may contact WSTS and ask to be removed; to do so, send an e-mail to and specify your name, company name and e-mail address. As such, WSTS supports the customer's right to "opt-out".  Persons who request information about WSTS, and who supply us with their name and address and/or email and/or telephone details will be added to our database to receive the requested information.


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