Once signed up on your profile within the B2B Networking System;
Hosted Buyers will choose the first appointment with different exhibitors. The exhibitors will check their appointment requests received from the Hosted Buyers. They will confirm the suitable requests for themselves.
  • 2 weeks prior to event, the attendees will need to fill their quota of minimum 30 appointments with available Hosted Buyers.
  • We recommend you to make the selection as early as possible because there may not be appointment time left to meet your needs.
  • All the exhibitors and Hosted Buyers will be published on our website. By seeing company profiles, you can select the company you match with as per your criteria.
  • After the completion of your appointment, you have the opportunity to talk and text to the company that you have agreed to meet before your arrival.
  • You are not allowed to edit or cancel your appointment at the final date of appointment


Once you are online and active in the system, you will see MY APPOINTMENT link to the right side on your screen that will open up the calendar with the whole availability list as you double click onto. You can always filter it down to the category of the firms and review the profiles when double clicked. This new window will let you text or request for an appointment.


Your request should be confirmed in return that are colour coded “green” It works vice versa that you may confirm or cancel the incoming requests within 5 days. Hosted Buyers, especially needs to reach to the number of appointments set by the regulations (minimum 30 contacts), 45 days prior to the event.

Fam Trips


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Tour Starts: 26 April 2024

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