Our Vision

WSTS aims to stamp at next decade with the experience comes through being a part of WorkShop TravelShop organizations and Tourism Expos.

We envision to be the leader of the industry for the future, guiding Tourism associations and the professionals of the sector with our cutting edge B2B WorkShop technology.

Therefore, WSTS is going to;

Contribute to the development of World Tourism by organizing 12 different B2B WorkShop Networking event each year.

Improve the work force by gathering Exhibitors with Hosted Buyer Companies from all around the World.

By the help of WSTS system, we would like to bring Hosted Buyers and Exhibitors closer, letting them contacting each other’s easier, interacting faster in a time efficient way.

Letting all companies promote themselves by uploading Logo, Video, Brochure, Poster and presentations, building a network through the system. Interacting with other companies within the WSTS system with no boundaries, texting, making appointment by the agenda, correspond and request for a B2B contact on event day.

We are determined to bring qualified Hosted Buyer agencies for B2B contact, demanded by the Event for each and every organization.

To make every pre-appointment that is taken during the Event by the companies count, successfully.

Organizing Speed Networking for all of our events, for the favour of companies that didn’t have a chance to set an appointment, making sure Hosted Buyer companies and Exhibiting companies end up having more and more B2B contact.

As continuation of WorkShop TravelShop Events to take place all around the World, we are determined to organize FAM Trips to the most beautiful and Touristic cities, helping Hosted Buyer Companies expand their scope of service, seeing the destinations to be marketed by the first hand, eventually developing their business.

WSTS is committed to protect personal information of all attendees and not to share with 3rd parties or companies alike.

If you want to expand your business and discover new global destinations, please join WSTS network.

Experienced, friendly, helpful, visionary personnel of WSTS will always be within reach……