Company Values

WorkShopTravelShop is a dynamic, successful organization that expects its Employees and Directors to model the Company’s values and behaviours, as developed in the Company’s Strategic Planning process. Primary to these values and behaviours are:

* Value Quality: We at WSTS, incorporate quality in every aspect of our business including our products, services, processes and relationships with employees, customers and business partners alike.

* Operational Excellence: We approach our work with an attitude of “Operational Excellence” in all we do and how we go about getting it done.

* Integrity: We approach our work and treat each other in an honest ethical, professional and respectful manner.

* Customers and Partners: Our relationships with our customers and partners are two of the foundations of our business and a key indicator of our success as an organization.

* Employees: We, in WSTS, believe that talented and dedicated employees are the key to our success. These values apply within the Company and in connection with the Company’s customers, partners and the public all together.

In addition, all Employees and Directors of WSTS, will comply with all applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations including but not limited to those relating to public accounting, securities regulation, export restrictions, trade practices and advertising, antitrust, foreign corrupt practices and civil rights.

In light of these guidelines, we also have “Core Values” that we turn into an itinerary of every step we take.