Our Mission

WorkShop TravelShop has started doing business for Tourism sector at the year of 2005. So far, WSTS joined over 70 events in different countries and Workshops throughout the World accumulating a vast experience in the industry.

And ever since the year of 2010, WorkShop TravelShop have started organizing B2B WorkShop Events, we have taken the benefit of our partners’ into consideration that we are to strive for better business of our partners.

We will continue our Hosted Buyer B2B Event, Speed networking B2B Meeting and FAM Trip activities that we have been organizing for the last 3 years in EMITT Expo.

B2B WorkShop Event has been actively taken place for Cyprus, The Balkans, Dubai that we will continue to do so for years to come.

WSTS’s goal is to enhance our comprehensive system for better accessibility and perceptibility in order to provide a functional cooperation.


WSTS is committed to;

Meet and exceed the customer expectations at the highest level possible by ever-developing our product and service quality.

Constitute a strong emotional bound with our consumers through a sincere communication and maintain clientele loyalty

Growing simultaneously with WSTS’ local and global partners, forming a leadership profile that is everyone’s favourite, contributing to competitiveness and profitability of associates.

To be the brand name that comes to one’s mind when it comes to its field, that acts proactively to any possible obstacles with a people-centred structure stands continuously at growth & development