Who or What is Hosted Buyer

TravelShop WorkShop is an international organization that brings all the workshops, events, exhibitions and meetings industry together from all around the World through B2B Networking.

WSTS will enliven B2B WorkShop, meetings and expos and turn them into extra-ordinary experiences.

Hosted Buyer Program by WSTS aims to broaden the trade volume and quality in B2B WorkShop Events, by the help of;

  • - Only Outgoing Tour Operators
  • - Only Outgoing Travel Agencies
  • - Wedding Planners
  • - Health Tourism Companies
  • - Business Travel Management Companies
  • - Corporate Organizations
  • - Destination Management Companies
  • - Event Management Companies
  • - Incentive Agencies
  • - Independent Meeting Planners
  • - International Society and Associations
  • - Professional Conference Organizers

Hosted Buyer applications are accepted by online only at www.workshoptravelshop.com

Hosted Buyer applications for B2B event that also happens to have the most coverage of the world, will be carefully reviewed.

Each and every tour operator doing tours abroad or willing to do so, is a Hosted Buyer candidate. The opportunity is given by WSTS, up to 2 persons with authority, from the same company. Applicant should be a key decision maker or have an upper management level authority on at least one of the planning, event management and/or purchasing positions

WSTS is here to gather Hosted Buyer firms with expo attendees as per the targeted product groups by the means of B2B contact that will result in more productive business relations.

All foreign sectorial professionals with a power to purchase may easily join the Hosted Buyer program by WSTS.