The International Ecotourism Society, affectionately known as TIES, was founded by 1990 in the United States. As the oldest and largest ecotourism society in the world, we have over 15.000 active members in over 200 countries.
We will host important ecotourism speakers from all around the world, all of whom are chief authorities in their field. We will learn from their expert opinions on the recovery on the sustainable tourism industry.

We will also organize educational FAM trips in  Tokat, one of the best ecological cities of Turkey, where we will visit all natural and evergreen farms and villages that produce apples, pears, onions, garlic and many other organic products. 

The earth needs kindness, care, and compassion, we should take care of it because we have no other home. All art, science, and technology are an imitation of nature, and nature is protected not by a guard but by love. Nature can live without man, but man cannot live after nature is destroyed.

We will visit Tokat, with this tour to draw attention to desertification and drought. Tokat is located geographically at the intersection of the Black Sea and the Eastern Region all the way to central Anatolia and has a lot to offer as far as Ecological & Gastronomical aspects.
Attendees will have an option to extend exclusive educational trips further to many different regions and destinations of Turkey.
Our goal is to raise awareness to ecotourism and sustainable development practices and to share these and develop them further with our attendees.

Join global expert speakers and the highest standard ecotourism tour operators to be brought under one roof as an additional value to the sustainable industry growth through ecotourism and sustainable tourism conference by TIES.

“ESTC will conform to the highest safety standards and procedures as defined by ICCA, and will hold all attendees and exhibitors to the strictest standards. “

Fam Trips

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